"How to download detailed data about sleep, activity, and meals from Jawbone wristbands?"

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1) Securely connect to Jawbone UP API with user's email address and account password

2) Submit "GET" requests for full and detailed data about user activity, sleep, diet, etc.

3) Load the requested JSON data and process with Python dictionary methods


Visit documentation to learn about two Python files: 1) access_jawbone.py defines helpful functions for acquiring and processing Jawbone data, and 2) get_sleep_data.py demonstrates how to use these functions in the example of getting detailed sleep data.


"How to download detailed sleep, activity, and meal data from Jawbone wristbands?" is a popular question in the wearable-device user community. The csv file that is available for download only provides daily, aggregate information. However, wristbands are collecting a wealth of data throughout the day and night that is relayed to Jawbone UP API.

Unable to find an existing solution that was understandable and appropriate for my data needs, I decided to tackle this project with Python and have recently arrived at a solution for accessing full and detailed data from Jawbone UP API.

Currently, I'm working on a follow-up script for routing data from Jawbone UP API to mySQL database, stay tuned :) and please email me with your feedback, questions, or suggestions!

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GitHub: (https://github.com/joceydunn/get_jawbone_data)

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